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DAC+ Intensive Total Control Essence

DAC+ stands for Detox Acne Plus. This is the most powerful anti-bacterial, antiseptic and oil controlling product in the market to subside and eliminate acne. Best of all, it is made from all-natural active ingredients. The main active ingredient is 20 ppm of nano-silver solution, studies have shown that with just 5 ppm of nano-silver solution, it can already kill abroad spectrum of bacteria, so DAC+with 20 ppm is 4 times more powerful. Together with skin soothing chamomile extract, allantoin, alpha bisabolol and skin purifying witch hazel extract, DAC+ makes the perfect anti-acne and acne fighting product for the skin.


Oily and acne prone skin.


Nano Silver (strong anti-bacterial effect), Alpha Bisabolol (calming), Chamomile (Soothing), Allantoin (moisturizing & keratolytic).


Make sure the area where application is needed is clean and dry. Apply a thin and sufficient layer of the DAC+ Intensive Total Control Essence onto the area being treated. Make some gentle circular motions on the spot with the gel until the gel is absorbed into the skin and apply immediately, Clear Skin Essence, and the Fresh Face, Pore Minimizing Light Cream.

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