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Future Oxygen – Foaming Aqueous Skin Concentrate

A revolutionary crafted skin concentrate empowered by the richness of natural botanicals and the triumph of advanced skin care technology, Future Oxygen enhances skin’s oxygen intake by more than 30%. Delivering nutrients essential for skin renewal in the short term and improving overall cellular metabolism in the long term. Conquer and defend skin from visible signs of aging. Glow from within for lasting, beautiful, flawless skin.

Beaubelle promises holistic rejuvenation through the 4Rs Principles - Inspired from nature’s 4 seasons. Spring: Renew, Summer: Revive, Autumn: Rebalance & Winter: Relax.

TEXTURE: Unique water-based foam essence.
WHY YOU NEED IT: Achieve immaculate skin like never before. A concentrate with a neutral skin pH value, enriched with powerful emollients and antioxidants. Skin is purified, rejuvenated, strengthened and re-balanced from the deepest levels to the surface. A dramatically refreshed, radiant, and youthful complexion. Minimizes the appearance of roughness and fine lines and helps awaken tired-looking skin. Skin is protected from environmental aggressors as enhanced oxygenation improves cellular functions and energizes the skin cells.
IDEAL FOR: All skin types. Fine lines. Lack of energy and vitality. Rough skin texture.

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